In the Eyes of the Wild


My Poetry Page
My Poetry Page


The following poems are ones that I wrote and are in my first book, "Reflections of Nature".


Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly free,
To see the world as far as the eye can see,
To view the surroundings from high and from low,
To hear only the sound of a distant echo,
To float in the air with the wind being your guide,
To admire many rainbows that the trees tend to hide,
To see the misty mornings over a beautiful mountaintop,
To glide over a flowing river that never seems to stop,
To watch the animals from over a mile away,
Or to rise above the treetops that glisten in the day?
If you were an eagle you would wonder no more
For it can see things you have never seen before.
Next time you look into the sky of blue,
Think of what it's like from an eagle's view.

1998 Stacy Smith


In the wilderness there are many animals that are roaming around,
But many go unseen because they don't want to be found.
Like the red fox with his black feet and long bushy tail,
He uses tricks to get away when something's hot on his trail.
Or the gray wolf with the beautiful eyes who can be heard howling at night.
He hunts in a group so that the job is done right.
Or the owl that stays in a tree and sleeps during the day
And stirs around at night while he looks for his prey.
Or the raccoon with the black mask that surrounds his eyes,
He's been called a bandit for stealing food, which takes people by surprise.
Or the deer with the antlers that can run fast and leap high,
He's always on alert for those predators that pass by.
All the animals of the wilderness always seem to be hiding,
But if you're lucky enough to see one, it can be very exciting.
2000 Stacy Smith


The sky was hazy and the clouds were all gray.
It was a cold, windy and gloomy April day.
My husband came home and told me to go outside and look at the sky.
I then looked at him puzzled and then asked him why.
He wouldn't tell me a thing so then I said it better be worth my while.
Then I went outside and looked up and I began to smile.
There were three large birds hovering together and hawks I thought them to be.
They were gracefully riding the wind and just flying so carefree.
They even circled above my house up there way up high,
Just letting the wind guide them up in the gloomy sky.
It only lasted for a couple of minutes and then they flew out of sight.
It may have been a gloomy day but they made the day seem bright.

2000 Stacy Smith


I saw a robin sitting on a telephone wire today,
And on the same wire was sitting a blue jay.
I've never seen two birds of this kind sitting so close to each other.
There was only about two feet between one another.
One of them seemed to be making a fuss but it's not the one I expected.
He was letting his voice be heard and I think the closeness he rejected.
It was the robin and he was making it a point to be heard.
I think he was trying to show his feelings, what a brave bird.
I bet he was telling the blue jay to kindly go away,
But when the blue jay wouldn't budge the robin went on his way.
I was surprised that the blue jay didn't even make a sound,
But I guess by sitting there he showed that he stood his ground.

2000 Stacy Smith


The butterfly gently flutters its wings against the wind.
And it's seen so many times traveling without a friend.
But it's such a cheerful sight as it gracefully passes by.
Many children wear a big smile as they happily watch it fly.
Its wings are so full of color and can brighten up the day
Colors of orange or blue or many other colors of a wide array.
It hardly weighs anything and is so very small
And it also makes no sound, yet it gets noticed by all.
When you see it flying around, you know a flower is probably somewhere near.
And remember this beautiful butterfly is a sign that spring is finally here.

2000 Stacy Smith


Gray wolves are such beautiful creatures and are so misunderstood.
So many people hate them and would kill them if they could.
They are actually afraid of people and just want to be left alone.
They are presently endangered species and their future is unknown.
Most of the animals they hunt are injured or weak.
Deer and elk are what many of them seek.
Sometimes they howl to locate their pack.
They find each other when another howls back.
Their fur can make them withstand the harshest of weather.
They do not like to live alone and tend to stay together.
They try to avoid humans as much as they possibly can.
They mean no harm and are endangered because of man.
They live in the wild and they deserve to run free.
People need to understand them better and just let them be.

1998 Stacy Smith


The bald eagle is so admired by many people of this nation.
It stands for freedom and deserves our appreciation.
For it is a thing of beauty and a symbol of our land.
We need to protect it and lend a helping hand.
If someone is seen harming one, we need to make it known.
For if we want to see it in the future, it must be left alone.
It is breathtaking to many people when they see it flying in the sky.
They are amazed at its gracefulness and how it glides so very high.
The bald eagle is so magnificent, so beautiful and so true.
What a wonderful symbol of America next to the ol' red, white and blue.

1998 Stacy Smith


As I close my eyes I can see myself laying by a river that is gently flowing.
It is a beautiful day, the sky is clear and the radiant sun is glowing.
I can hear the birds in the distance singing their cheerful song. I see some school of fish in the water as they quickly move along.
Not too far away I even see a small doe getting a drink,
For to this doe the river is such an important link.
There are trees all around me standing big and tall,
And when I look down I see a footprint left from a raccoon's muddy paw.
There is a fragrance of pine trees lingering in the air,
With a hint of wildflowers that's blooming everywhere.
Way off in the distance I see mountains peeking high,
And above those mountains I see eagles soaring in the sky.
There is a mother duck waddling downstream with her ducklings close behind.
I finally found the peace that I was trying so hard to find.
And the next time I am feeling stressed and need to unwind,
I'll come back to this peaceful place hidden within my mind.

2000 Stacy Smith


Robins, robins, everywhere.
Flowers in bloom and sweet fresh air.
Springtime is here once again
While the sun shines bright and children grin.

Grass is growing into a pretty shade of green.
Butterflies are fluttering; so many are seen.
All around, the sound of children at play
And the birds singing to the beautiful day.

Animals come out of their hibernation spot
To enjoy the weather that spring has brought.
The signs of new life are beginning to appear.
The long, cold winter is gone and spring is finally here.

2000 Stacy Smith


With my son age four and my daughter six,
I was hoping that soon they would see how colors mix
To make a band of pastels up in the sky
After the rain has passed on by.

It happened today while on a country drive.
I was so happy to see this band of colors arrive.
Stretching above the treetops it was pretty as could be.
It really topped off all of the country scenery.

It wasn't even half of an arch but it was nice to see,
And I'm glad my kids were there to share this sight with me.
They both smiled widely and much happiness they did show. They finally had the chance to see the glory of a rainbow.

2000 Stacy Smith

The following two poems are poems that I recently co-wrote with someone...


Winter snowflakes coming down,
Slowly floating to the ground;
Each tiny snowflake seems to stay
On this brand new December day.

It almost looks like glistening lace
Falling down at a steady pace;
As silent as the falling leaves,
The only sound is the whispering breeze.

Snowflakes, slowly dotting out the past,
Blanket now with gentle hands
The warmth we shared beneath this tree,
When Spring had come with dreams of ecstasy.

2000 Stacy Smith and Anthony F. Neiland


Look at us, walking hand in hand
Down flowered paths 'neath a sky of blue;
Does this mean for us to understand
That you love me and I love you?

Hear the birds singing in the trees,
The geese communicating from above;
The woodpecker tapping on bark with ease,
And the soft cooing of the mourning dove.

See the butterflies fluttering in the air,
The squirrels scampering on the ground;
Violets and daisies blooming everywhere,
And the lovely shades of green all around.

Today is a warm and beautiful day,
And as the birds continue to sweetly sing,
There is one thing that I want to say,
You bring me sunshine like this day of spring.

2001 Stacy Smith and Anthony F. Neiland

This one I just finished (Feb. 2001):


As I watch you with your colors of black and white,
I think to myself what a spectacular sight.
You look warm, fuzzy and soft as could be
And you seem content although you're in captivity.

You remind me of a toy that my daughter got,
As a newborn that her daddy bought.
The toy always reminds me of that special day
When she was born and in my arms she laid.

Now as I watch you, you hold in your arm
A tiny newborn with a lot of charm.
You lick and care for her with a tender touch;
A mother's love you show so much.

You're an example of how mothers should be,
Caring for your young so proud and tenderly.
Just like the toy that I was speaking of,
You are a panda bear, representing much love.

2001 Stacy Smith