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(Updated May 17, 2002) "In the Eyes of the Wild: An Anthology of Wildlife Poetry and Short Stories" was published on December 20, 2001. It can be purchased through the publisher or through, or It is also listed in the Books in Print database, so it can be special ordered at any U.S. bookstore. You will need the ISBN if you walk into a bookstore and order it, which is: 1589391586.
Below is the summary of the book...

"In the Eyes of the Wild" is a collection of poems and short stories about wildlife that presents an appreciation for nature's wild creatures and displays how they touch our lives. The book also opens a door into the lives of wildlife and lets us view how animals live and survive in the great outdoors.

There is a wide array of wildlife represented in "In the Eyes of the Wild", from the colorful butterfly to the massive gray whale. There are works about the eagle's majestic flight high in the sky, the wolf's cry of the wild ringing into the night, the moose's awareness of a nearby mate as he sniffs the air, the firefly's soft glow as it touches the hearts of children and so many other wonderful works. Accompanied by some of the works are exquisite photos that capture the wildlife of the poems and stories.

The book records the feelings of joy and excitement that observing wildlife evokes and brings to readers the sight of the wonderful creatures that many may not have a chance to see for themselves. It also records the dedication and commitment of those who nurse the sick back to health and give animals a second chance at life. "In the Eyes of the Wild" offers an opportunity to witness the beauty, intelligence and independence of Mother Nature's children.

If you would like to order the book through the publisher, there are three ways you can do so. You can:

1) Order it at their online bookstore at:

2) Order it by phone. They take phone orders Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central time at 877-376-4955 (toll-free)

3) Order it by mail at: Publishing Inc.
P.O. Box 9949
College Station, TX 77842

The book is available in paperback only. The cost for one copy is $14.95 plus $4.00 shipping (in the U.S.)

For MORE THAN ONE book or if you're ordering from outside the U.S., please e-mail the publisher for shipping rates:
Bookstores, stores and libraries get a discount. Contact the publisher at the address above for more information.

All royalties from "In the Eyes of the Wild" go directly to a wildlife organization called Wildlife Forever. I talk about what the organization does in the introduction of my book. If you would like to read more about them online, you can do so by visiting their web site at:

Thanks to all who participated in the book and to those who purchase a copy. Thank you so much for helping to support wildlife and their habitat!

If you would like to contact me, my name is Stacy Smith and my e-mail address is:

Sample poetry from the book can be read by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

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Barred Owl and
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